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  1. Allison /

    Well,firstly you’re so good,I love your films.The Perks of Being a Wallflower is completely changed my life.To be honest you chaned my life I don’t know why but I feel better and I also know you don’t care that.Maybe you care,who knows.I wish you can answer.i’ll be waiting. A lot of love -Allison

    1. Gabi /

      Sometimes I wonder how difficult is to understand for some fans, that popular people have their own lifes too. Allison, that web is made by someone, who knows personally Ezra, but not by himself. But good luck, I keep my fingers crossed for you. Greets from Poland.

  2. McKenna /

    I’d like to see if your intreated in starring, in a film about fantasy and wonder. Please contact me.

  3. Evie /

    I guess I’m another fan so I wont tell the typical word “omg you are amazing” cause you already know that.. I just wanted to let you know that I really…Really hope to Ezra Miller get more and more famous so I can see his face in every single bus stop, cause he’s beautiful….
    PS: Tell him to make a Twitter! Jesus! We want to know something more about his “normal”life!
    Regards and love from Russia. Evie

  4. ashley /

    Ezra if you read this what is the music you listen to. I listen to everything country,pop,rock, I know i’m weird I guess you promble.

  5. ashley /

    Hay Ezra I realy what to get the movie you are in beware of gonzo it looks realy great.

  6. ashley /

    Ezra you should listen to Justin Moore til my last day the music video.

  7. Jordan /

    i’ve never heard of this actor until a friend told me to watch his movies. he is highly under rated as an actor. He is cast in many peculiar roles that add a lot to the films he is part of.

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