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    Ezra Miller on playing The Flash, multiple DC films

    he Flash movie will star Ezra Miller in 2018. But he’s committed to more films than that one…

    It’s been some months now since Ezra Miller was confirmed as the DC cinematic universe’s face of The Flash. The film is due to arrive in 2018 (although the character is likely to debut in Justice League before that), and looks to be independent from the hit TV series, which sees Grant Gustin in the title role.

    Miller has now been chatting to Hitfix about the role, and about the fact that he’s inevitably committed to several movies as part of his The Flash contract.

    “It’s a mixed bag but I’m happy,” he told the site. “I’m going to say I feel really happy about it in one way because the idea of actually having a steady job in my life is actually incredibly comforting. It’s something I didn’t necessarily think I would ever have.”

    On the flip side? “Of course, there are the moments when responsibility-dodging, adolescent-me is like ‘no, I don’t want to,'” adding “that’s a very small part” and “at this point, it’s a diminishing voice.”

    Bottom line for Miller? He’s happy about this one. “I’m really stoked and I would do it for 40 years. That contract could have said anything.”

    If only Warner Bros knew that before presenting it to him. {denofgeek.us}

  • MTV Sundance Interviews

    Ezra Miller Reveals The Bizarre Story Of How He Became ‘The Flash’

    Every superhero has an origin story. Very few of them involve tilapia.

    For Ezra Miller, joining the developing DC Universe as The Flash was very much a fishy situation. Speaking with MTV News at Sundance, where he was promoting his acclaimed new movie “Stanford Prison Experiment,” Miller revealed that he was minding his own business in a remote, landlocked town in the middle of Costa Rica, relaxing and eating a fresh plate of tilapia and mango salsa… when suddenly, his phone rang.

    “I get this call and I’m thinking, ‘This is really weird,’” he said, explaining that he was completely unaware at the time that he even had cell phone service in Costa Rica. It turns out the call was from his agent, who was on the other line with someone who needed to speak with Miller in a flash, about “The Flash.”

    “He says, ‘I have Zack Snyder on the phone, and he wants to talk to you about this DC Universe thing,’” Miller recalled. “And so [Snyder] got on the phone, and he’s just gung ho. He’s in it. He’s completely involved. And he starts talking about how I’m going to play The Flash. And I was just in this state of shock and disbelief.”

    It’s only appropriate that Miller’s casting happened so fast, given his superhero’s power-set. We’re due to see him suit up as the Scarlet Speedster within the next couple of years, for “Justice League” if not for a cameo in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” But his own solo film as “The Flash” is still some years away, not hitting theaters until 2018 — and as such, Miller isn’t quite ready to put the tilapia down to start hitting the racetrack.

    “I’m not running yet,” he said. “Right now, I’m still in the stretching phase. I want to stretch for a while.”

    “The Stanford Prison Experiment” recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. {mtv.com}

    Ezra Miller And Billy Crudup Talk About The Chilling Reality Of ‘The Stanford Prison Experiment’

    Sometimes, the stories that reality offers are stranger — and more horrifying — than any fiction that could come from the mind of a writer. That’s exactly the case with “The Stanford Prison Experiment,” a film starring Billy Crudup, Michael Angarano and Ezra Miller that recently screened at Sundance Film Festival.

    Based on a real 1971 experiment at Stanford, the film follows young men who volunteered for the infamous experiment, which had college students role play prison guards and prisoners. The experiment escalated beyond imagination when some guards began to psychologically torture prisoners.

    MTV News caught up with Angarano, Crudup and Miller to talk about the chilling film and the experiment that inspired it.

    “It’s an academic standard, right?” said Miller of the experiment.

    “The script brought home the clarity” of the situation, Crudup, who plays the supervisor of the experiment, said. “These are young guys who were put through some really interesting psychological circumstances.”

    Miller argued that though the experiments are 40 years in the past, the themes of the film are still relevant now.

    “This is a movie about the dangers of hierarchies and power structures and we are living in a society where those dominate every aspect,” Miller said. {mtv.com}

  • Stanford Prison Experiment – Stills

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  • Ezra at Sundance Film Festival – Day 2

    Ezra continued to promote “The Stanford Prison Experiment” at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah with cast members Olivia Thirlby and Johnny Simmons.

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  • Ezra at Sundance Film Festival

    Ezra arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival. “The Stanford Prison Experiment” had it’s premiere at the Eccles Center theater.

    APPEARANCES > Appearances in 2015 > Jan 26: “The Stanford Prison Experiment” Red Carpet Premiere – 2015 Sundance Film Festival

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  • Hollywood Reporter Interview

    These onscreen up-and-comers will be toasted in Park City at an exclusive party thrown by The Hollywood Reporter and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association as THR expands its signature franchise identifying future industry leaders.

    Ezra Miller, 22 Paradigm, the U.K.’s Hamilton Hodell, Peikoff Mahan

    The bohemian actor — also in the hot fest title The Stanford Prison Experiment — stunned as Tilda Swinton’s disturbed son in 2011’s We Need to Talk About Kevin. He’s making the leap to tentpole fare as the lead in Warner Bros./DC’s The Flash, slated for 2018.

    Most memorable moment: “The most unshakably memorable moment would be watching Johnny Simmons get hog-tied. There’s just no way to fake a hog-tying and by the third time it had to happen, it really just felt abusive. He’s a brave champion and did it with no complaint, but he looked so sad and it’s hard to watch a friend in so much discomfort. It’s interesting how our brains best retain horrible memories.”

    Most “pinch me” moment so far: “Zack Snyder told me on the phone that he wanted me to play the Flash while I was eating a tilapia in a small Central American village. That was definitely a moment that prompted me to question the fabric of my reality.”

    Worst audition: “I went in for some low-grade tweenish movie when I was first auditioning for film. The casting director insisted on throwing water in my face to emulate a beat in the scene. At first, I just thought it was unnecessary — usually in an audition all props and interactions are pantomimed, but by the third or fourth time I couldn’t help but notice the almost violent force with which this maniacal character kept chucking this water at me. Then I started observing him as he was doing it, and there was this sadistic glint in his eye. We must have done that scene seven times; by the end of it I was wet and cold and feeling increasingly indignant. Then this villain told me that at the end of the second scene, I was supposed to dance with an imaginary partner — to a notable lack of music! So there I was, wet as a dog, dancing like a fool, feeling like a helpless victim at the hands of this horrible man. I walked out of that audition with a lot of compassion for the naive folks who routinely get trapped in the darker corners of this ‘Hollywood’ business.”

    Industry role model: “Probably people who are not principally considered actors. I mean, we all say Patti these days, right? I think to young artists, Patti Smith symbolizes the possibility that a performer who swims into the mainstream might both maintain their integrity and remain alive. So she’s one. David Bowie is another. Did you know he once performed an exorcism on his swimming pool? I’d like to emulate that!”

    Best/worst advice: “If an electric plug isn’t fitting in an outlet, put a butter knife in the outlet to straighten it out a little.”

    When I’m not working, I’m: “Spending time with my family and my darling, Erin. Listening to audio books. Donkey Kong. That sort of stuff. Lots of protesting lately, but that’s a kind of work in my mind. And painting. I’ve recently discovered a love of painting.”

  • Gallery Update: Photoshoots, Productions

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  • Sons of an Illustrious Father Gig @ 2014 CMJ Music Marathon

    Ezra and his band Sons of an Illustrious Father played at the 2014 CMJ Music Marathon in Manhattan October 21st.

    POTHER PROJECTS > Bands > Sons of an Illustrious Father > Gigs > Oct 21, 2014: 2014 CMJ Music Marathon – The Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan

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  • Gallery Update: ‘Trainwreck’ On-set Candids

    I’ve added a few sets of exclusive candids of Ezra on the set of Trainwreck back in June.

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